Dr. Harvey Levy visits the Annapolis Inn

A few weeks ago we had Dr. Harvey Levy, a Maryland dentist, stay with us here at The Annapolis Inn.  He was completely hysterical!  He’s a great dentist, an entertainer, a great boss and everything in between.  Check out this fantastic magazine article featuring Dr. Levy to learn a little about his stardom in the world of dentistry.  Thanks for staying with us, Dr. Levy!

Dr  Levy - Page 1Dr  Levy -  Page 2 Dr  Levy -  Page 3 jpeg Dr  Levy -  Page 4 Dr  Levy -  Page 5 Dr  Levy -  Page 6 Dr  Levy -  Page 7 Dr  Levy -  Page 8


Hope you enjoyed his story as much as we did!

Until next time,
Joe Lespier

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