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The Rutland Suite at The Annapolis Inn

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Rutland Suite Rates

Weekday Rate
Monday-Wednesday All Year
Weekend Rate
Thursday-Sunday 1/1-8/29, 11/11-12/26
Premium Weekends
Weekends 9/2-11/7
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The Annapolis Inn
144 Prince George St.
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: (410) 295-5200
Fax: (410) 295-5201

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“Premium elegance
and romance!”

- The Washington Post

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Are you looking for the ultimate romantic escape? Is your plan to pop the question or pop open a bottle of champagne? It's obvious to you and overwhelming - Love is demanding to be celebrated.

Imagine a rustic garret room as your hideaway, complete with dormer windows dressed with imported silk London shades and window seats with brocade pillows and cushions. Your elaborately carved king size bed majestically enshrines the center of your elegantly furnished suite. And, of course, only the softest and most luxurious European linens of damask or brocade dress your bed. In a corner below two cherubs, a cozy, antique settee for two sits romantically nestled behind an exquisite hand carved table near the light of a dormer window. Intimacy draws you there. You celebrate the joy of being together and alone. Nothing else matters.

Winter's cold weaves its own magic. Can you resist the crackling, hypnotic spell cast by the fire in your wood burning attic fireplace? Even the oversized armchairs in front of the fire know that you cannot; in fact, they too become part of the luring spell that welcomes, caresses, soothes and transforms you. You can resist anything but temptation; you succumb and feel so much the better for it.

Pamper yourself in your claw foot whirlpool tub for two, enjoying the soothing, bubbling water scented with bath oils or salts. Your head is leaning back against a comfortable terry neck roll; you're too relaxed to move. You enjoy the decadence of operating the tub with a remote control; you notice your bath never chills, your tranquility remaining undisturbed. Light streams in your bath from the romantic stained glass window that complements the colors of the honed, tumbled and polished Italian marble of the room. A heated marble floor and towel warmer sustain your seamless comfort as you step out of your bath. A shower stall surrounded by exquisitely designed etched glass doors, a bidet and an oversized antique style sink also complement your bath.

In pleasant weather, your own private sundeck offers you the opportunity to take your breakfast privately, to enjoy the view of the garden and Koi pond, to lounge in the sun all afternoon or to enjoy the stars and moonlight at night. Imagine hardly having to leave your third floor suite for your entire stay! Imagine how special a moment you can create! Imagine, and then indulge.

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